Personalised Christening Decorations

There are many types of christening decorations available and most of them are affordable and effective. It is quite simple to make any venue worthy of hosting your new baby's christening party.

However, if you wish to make the day that bit more special and personal, what could be better than personalised christening decorations with your little boy or girl's name on, or with words of your own choosing?

Personalised Invitations

The easiest way to obtain personalised invitations is to make your own. Hand crafted cards also add a touch of class to almost any event and may be the perfect match for your chosen christening party theme. If you don't have the necessary craft or writing skills to make presentable christening decorations yourself, you may want to hire someone else to do it for you. There are many hand crafted card companies small and large that can help you with affordable, handmade, personalised  christening invitations and placecards.

An alternative method of making personalised invitations is to design (or download) a computer version and print it out. Many free templates are available online that can be customised however you choose before printing and some of them look very nice indeed.

Personalised Ribbon-Work and Balloons

Another area that allows for easy personalisation; balloons, ribbons, and other small items for decorating around the room can be easily printed with the name of your child or a personal message. Many companies offer extremely competitive rates for personalising large quantities of balloons for example and this can be a cost-effective way to decorate your chosen venue with personalised christening decorations.

Personalised Flower Arrangements

Although not immediately obvious, even flowers can be personalised for a special occasion. Not only can ribbon work be incorporated for messages but even the flowers themselves can be arranged such that the various colours spell out a name. Flowers also have the unique advantage that a variety of flower (or several) can usually be found to complement almost any type of pre-existing décor and contrary to popular belief flowers do not need to be boring and/or traditional. There are many new and exiting exotic flower species being used by florists with great success in modern arrangements, and even more common flowers can be spruced up and incorporated into something that feels altogether new.

Keeping Costs Down

Of course, many companies offering personalised products charge a fair amount of money for the privilege. If you go out and just buy personalised christening decorations on a whim you will likely end up paying well over the odds and your christening party could end up costing you a small fortune. Always weigh up exactly what you're buying, look for a cheaper competitor who can offer the same quality, consider whether you (or someone you know) can make something just as effective for less money. You can have the perfect personalised christening party for your new baby without breaking the bank in the process.

Personalised Christening Decorations