Christening Decoration Ideas

If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate a venue for a christening, it is probably a good idea to start with decorations that are known to work well and are commonly found at christenings.

These include flowers, balloons, tableware, streamers and paper-craft to name but a few. Some can be purchased quite easily online, some will require a specialist and some can even be made at home DIY-style, but all will help to make the christening a special day to remember.


From adding a splash of natural colour or a faint floral aroma to creating interesting and unique centre pieces to draw the eye, flowers can be a great addition to any event, christenings included. Although many people associate flowers with more formal, traditional events and christenings, it should be remembered that there are many types of flowers to choose from. A modern and colourful effect can be created with certain exotic flowers, and even Sunflowers can help to create a more contemporary look at your chosen venue.

Not just for table decorations, flowers can be used on walls and ceilings, to create intricate banner designs and much more. Before dismissing flowers as a decoration option you should definitely take the time to look at what's available – even from your local florist – as you may just miss a great opportunity for something different and extra classy at your christening party.


Another type of decoration that is often tragically underestimated is the balloon. Not simply for tacky children's parties or for clowns to shape into animals, the humble balloon has become much much more in recent years. Companies now exist that specialise in unique and extremely creative balloon sculptures and décor that can really help to complete (or even create) the overall look of your christening party. From arches, balloon banners and lettering to complex floral-style arrangements of great looking balloons, the options really are endless when it comes to incorporating balloons into your christening decorations.

Have a good look around and see what the various balloon companies have to offer, you may just be pleasantly surprised by what you find. There are many very classy ways to use balloons to set your special day apart from any other.

Tableware and Invitations

Of course, all the flowers and balloons in the world can only go so far when modifying the existing décor of your chosen christening venue. Furniture such as tables and chairs and even the bar if there is one can dampen all your hard work or in the worst case even clash entirely depending on the original decoration scheme and colours. For this reason you should consider investing in table and chair covers, ribbons and other accessories to brighten up furniture as an integral part of your christening decorations. Even invitations, though they won't be visible at your venue, should be chosen carefully to match your decoration designs. This can help to give a much more professional feel with even the most modest christening party budget.

Christening Decoration Ideas