Christening Decorations

A Christening is a very special time for a new baby boy or girl, and the right decorations (or the wrong ones) can make or break the day.

There are a wide variety of decorations available from specialists and party organisers that are well suited to christenings so it pays to shop around. To make absolutely sure you get the perfect christening decorations you should first find out what types there are and what works well together. At least the following should probably be among your chosen decorations:


From table covers and napkins to paper plates and cups, the number of options just for dressing up ordinarily dull tables can be quite astonishing. The most common colours for tableware are baby blue or pink, although if these stereotypical colours aren't to your taste (or in the case of boy-girl twins) lemon, cream, beige and other neutral colours are also available if you look. Designs range from gender-specific or baby-specific (think cartoon storks for example) to religious symbols and geometric patterns. Dressing up tables can make a huge difference to the feel of a christening venue and is certainly well worth the effort and expense. If you really want to do it right, you may also consider matching chair covers too.


When most people think of balloons, they think of unimpressive small bubbles of air or helium in latex. However, balloons can be a whole lot more. Specialist balloons are available in many types, sizes and shapes for any number of occasions including christenings. Not only this, whole studios exist that provide balloon services for special events, crafting intricate centre pieces, archways and other decorations entirely from balloons. You can either buy ready made balloons designed for a christening or you can hire an external balloon company to come in and decorate your chosen venue with specially made balloons. Whatever option you choose to go with, try to make sure the balloons match any chosen tableware for the best effect.

Invitations and Placecards

Although not always thought of strictly as decorations, the type of invitations and placecards you choose for a christening should be carefully selected to match the decorations so as to ensure a cohesive feel to the day. The invitations should serve as a taster of the decoration aesthetics and you can even reuse any motifs and symbols that may already be on chosen tableware, balloons or any other decorations to tie everything together.

There are a large number of printing companies that offer special deals on invitations and such, so shopping around for the best deal is advised. To be sure of the most cost effective solution for the big day, multiple companies should be sought out for quotes or sample prices in each area. This means though that unless you choose a single company to handle all of your christening decoration needs, you will have to coordinate carefully to make sure everything matches, but it can save you a lot of money if you do it right..

Christening Decorations